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“When companies make a profit for people, and not from them, we see the highest value for people and planet.”

Sarah and Stephen Morse, Directors

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Team culture transformation

Change management and capacity building

Psychosocial safety training

Decision making and goal setting

Environmental, social and governance strategy (ESG)

Corporate social responsibility outcomes (CSR)

Modern Slavery Act compliance

Anti-slavery and human trafficking due diligence

Governance and risk management framework

Social impact measurement

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Unchained Solutions provides strategic solutions, training products and advisory services to help your organisation thrive both locally and globally. Culture change and positive impact starts from the inside out. That’s why we offer a range of practical solutions to enable your team to thrive, while also taking a global view. Our approach sees the integration of business strategy with individual values and purpose for positive impact and social change. We look forward to working with you.  

HOW CAN WE help you create positive impact?

of working-age adults were estimated to have a mental disorder in 2019.
Source: World Health Organisation.

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Companies with a strong corporate culture see a 4x increase in revenue growth compared to companies with a weak culture. Source: Harvard Business Review.

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According to a survey, while 95% of organizations have developed operational ESG propositions, only 10% have made significant progress toward their goals. Source: IBM.

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of the company statements under the UK Modern Slavery Act meet the minimum requirements and 43% of the company statements under the Australian Act meet the minimum requirements. Source: Walk Free Foundation.

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percent of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies committed to making the world a better place, while 73% of investors state that efforts to improve the environment and society contribute to their investment decisions. Source: Harvard Business School.

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Unchained was designed to make a lasting social impact for survivors of modern slavery. 50% of our profits goes to social enterprises of the Freedom Business Alliance. These businesses empower survivors through vocational training and meaningful employment.

We’ve invested more than $10,000 so far!

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