Modern Slavery Setup Solution Taster

Facilitator and Speaker

Unchained’s CEO, Dr Stephen Morse introduces the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking, what it means to comply with the Australian Modern Slavery Act and related human rights due diligence in supply chains legislation, directives and guidance.

Making an impact on modern slavery and human trafficking starts with a solid foundation, awareness training, a robust policy portfolio, a reporting mechanism, and an understanding of your exposure to risk among your direct suppliers, distributors and wholesalers.

As an expert in modern slavery and human rights due diligence, Stephen will give a taste of what compliance is all about and how to get setup. Moreover, he will inspire you to take steps to lead beyond compliance to make a lasting social impact.

As a skilled facilitator, Stephen is your guide to developing responsible business practices. Whilst his passion on this topic is unmistakable, he understands your business needs and will help you consider what due diligence looks like to your business and value-chain.

So, are you new to reporting under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth), and don’t know where to start? Let Stephen give a taste of what it means to comply with his Modern Slavery Act Setup Solution Taster Course.

Over five 45minute midweek lunch & learn online workshops (offered weekly), Stephen will go through the main components of Unchained’s Setup Solution.

Our Setup Solution Taster Course topics include:

Engaging your Board of Directive and C-Suite through our Executive Round Table

Understanding your readiness for compliance with our Strategic Framework Review and Action Roadmap service

Estimating your exposure to risk with our Inherent risk assessment of direct suppliers

Engaging your team effectively using our e-learning module for enterprise-wide awareness training

Following this course, you may decide you are ready to invest in getting setup. If so, you can find more information about our Modern Slavery Act Setup Solution within our Solution Package’s menu

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