Unchained in Small Biz Week 2024 

Now in its third year, CommBank SmallBiz Week has become an essential event for businesses of all sizes. Over two days, it draws hundreds of visitors and connects small business owners and leaders with B2B suppliers from a wide array of industries.  

It has been a great pleasure for Unchained to participate in #SmallBizWeek2024 as this was an opportunity to inspire businesses from across the world to make an impact on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking and wider lens of ESG and CSR dimensions, from professionals in government, the private sector, and the emerging social enterprise sector.  

Hosted by our CEO, Dr Stephen Morse, our stand included an ethical chocolate challenge, in which people had to decide which chocolate brand was the most social and ethically sustainable from most to least. The reality was surprising for most people who were challenged think beyond their own preconceptions of certain brands and what chocolate they loved the most.  

Moreover, the challenge opened to door to talk about their overall consumer choices all the way through the issues that companies are facing in identifying risk in the sourcing of their goods and services.  

Stephen also shared a panel discussion hosted by the Victorian Small Business Commissioner, along with key leaders from IP Australia and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss the issues facing Australian small business including IP and data privacy and security, human rights violations and ESG. 

If you need a team of experts to help you navigate your way through the dimensions of ESG, then email us at info@unchainedsolutions.com.au  

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