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We ensure that everyone on your team is conversant with the global issue of modern slavery and what they need to do about in light of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). Unchained has a full suite of training products including keynote and expert presentations for your corporate events, highly interactive skills training workshops to build capacity, and e-learning modules to educate a range of business and healthcare professionals. At Unchained, our mandate is to inspire, by stating the facts and presenting the reality and stories of survivors.

Keynote Speaker

Our director, Sarah Morse is a captivating motivational keynote speaker, ready to present at your next conference and/or corporate event. Sarah will inspire you with her own personal experience of working with survivors of modern slavery, along with her and humanitarian work in poverty and exploitation.

Expert Speaker

Our CEO, Dr Stephen Morse, is a sort after thought leader and contemporary expert speaker on the impact of modern slavery on corporate Australia. Stephen’s presentation brings clarity on the business case for addressing modern slavery risk and the need to make ESG reporting indictors apart of business DNA. Stephen is a frequent expert speaker at events, as a panellist and is always up for a podcast interview.

E-Learning ModuleS

Unchained has developed a range of e-learning modules to engage your entire team with a solid understanding of the issue of modern slavery. Click the learn more button below to further explore our range of e-learning material.

Capacity Building Workshops

Going beyond awareness, our workshops help you build your capacity and skills to identify modern slavery risks and inspire you to take up leadership opportunities within your industry and sector. This is especially important for those on the front line of supplier engagement and ethical sourcing.

We also conduct Executive Briefings and Internal Round Tables to equip senior executives and board directors with the solid understanding of modern slavery in relation to governance frameworks.

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