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Unchained has a range of strategies to help you excel with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). Whether you need a setup solution to get the foundation of compliance right or need a strategic framework review to reframe your current strategy, the Unchained team will deploy their design thinking skills to help frame your overall approach to addressing modern slavery.

Including governance and risk management, supplier engagement and measuring effectiveness. Having a clear and long-term strategic objective for continuous improvement is essential to making a lasting and positive impact.

Modern Slavery Roadmap To Effect Change

We can help you create a strategic roadmap to enact change, both to your internal business systems, and in how you monitor and assess the risk of modern slavery in your supply chain. We can also review your existing governance or risk management framework to assess and make recommendations on your current strategy.


Based on your level of engagement and maturity with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth), Unchained has the skill and agility to review your current approach to addressing modern slavery. Through a combination of desk work research and workshops, we will review your current modern slavery position statements, policies and risk assessment work, in collaboration and communication with your working group (of one or more). This review will demonstrate the best strategy and roadmap for your organisation to address modern slavery risks into the future.

Supplier Engagement Strategy

We can help you design a strategy to engage those suppliers with the highest risk who are most critical to your business and where you can leverage your influence for positive social change. This includes the development of a supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and engaging your suppliers through workshops and forums for mutual input.
The baseline for strategic supplier engagement is in collaboration, in which the risks of modern slavery are not only addressed, but more resilient and responsible supply chains are developed.

Metrics: Measuring Effectiveness

Unchained can support you with Criteria 5 of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth), that asks you to state how you are measuring the effectiveness of the actions you have taken to address modern slavery risks. Through our Measuring Effectiveness Strategy, we can review your current process, workshop where improvements can be made and help you develop the right framework with suggested goals, indicators and outputs that align with your business and your place in the business/supply chain ecosystem.

Positive Engagement

While we know the dark reality of modern slavery, we offer you a positive engagement of what is possible for your organisation to achieve in improving the lives of those caught up in it.

Invest in Shared-Partnerships

Through the Freedom Business Alliance, we facilitate shared-value partnerships so you can support social enterprises that work directly with modern slavery survivors. These purpose-built strategic enterprises provide vocational training and meaningful employment. Through them, you can be sure to make a lasting social impact.

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