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Unchained will bring together all your hard work in policy development, systems integration, risk assessment and supplier engagement and support you in developing your Modern Slavery Statement. We also have a comprehensive service to review statements before approval and final submission. Unchained will also review and develop your policy portfolio to ensure it includes the right to modern slavery and human rights inputs. 

Modern Slavery Statement Development

Your Modern Slavery Statement is your primary means of telling the world where you stand on addressing modern slavery, and what actions you have taken to improve your supply chains and operations. Unchained provides a structural template, the technical content, and the advisory and support to help you comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth).

Modern Slavery Statement Review

Our Modern Slavery Statement Review service is designed to help you advance with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). Not all statements meet the compliance criteria nor understand how they compare to their peers in the market and what good practice looks like. Utilising our comprehensive checklist we can assess your statement to identify the gaps and opportunities in your intervention strategy, and through our expert insights provide recommendations and support for improvement.

Policy Portfolio Review and Development

Through our Modern Slavery Policy Framework, we can review your current policies to ensure they are in alignment with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) and other globally recognised initiatives. This involves inputting clauses that address modern slavery risks and related human rights violations. Additionally, we can advise and assist you in developing new policies that you may not have, including a supplier code of conduct, remediation policy and grievance mechanism.

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Progress check list 2022

So, you’ve come the end of another reporting period and you’re on the cusp of submitting your next Modern Slavery Statement. You’ve made great progress. This is great news! But you may be wondering ‘what’s next?’ ‘How are we going to implement that Action Plan in 2022 and beyond?’ And ‘What are we going to say come June 30 or December 31, when our next Modern Slavery Statement is due?’

Here's checklist of projects to schedule and action:

Lets us help you prioritise!

If you haven’t actioned any of these, give us a call:

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