Now Available! Our New E-Learning Modules!

Today we launched our new Unchained E-Learning Modules for our final Unchaining Modern Slavery Webinar for 2022! Thank you to everyone who joined us, it’s been a big year of working hard to get these modules ready for everyone to access. During today’s webinar, Stephen talked us through the excitement of Unchained’s modules and everything they have to offer. We have already seen corporations and partnerships come together to use our modules as an education tool for modern slavery in the workforce and supply chains.

The key takeaways from today’s webinar include:

  • This easy-to-understand risk assessment is designed to leave you and your business in the light of understanding how modern slavery can be addressed. Modern Slavery can be a topic that can seem daunting, especially the tasks that businesses should complete, such as their modern slavery statement. Our risk assessment and processes that Unchained has designed will help you complete this process with ease and our assistance.
  • Why is it important for businesses to address their part in modern slavery? Modern Slavery is something that can often be hidden, and so it is becoming increasingly important that everyone is educated about it and understands that they have the power to make a positive impact. More often than not, people are suffering behind the scenes in order to make a business run. This needs to change since we all should have equal access to our own human rights.
  • As well as providing you with ways to identify and understand what modern slavery looks like, our modules guide you through how to reduce the risk of modern slavery in your business in the first place and in the future. We give suggestions and tasks to help you clear up your supply chains, instead of leaving you overwhelmed and wondering how to make a positive impact.

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