Measuring the Effectiveness of your Actions

This month, Stephen had the privilege of hosting a conversation with Katie Bjorem, Unchained’s very own Social Impact Consultant and Strategy Advisor. Katie provided insight into how Australian organisations should think about measuring the effectiveness of the actions taken to address the issue of modern slavery in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). Katie has experience in the field of garment creation, working for Outland Denim before coming to Unchained. 

The key takeaways that Katie left us with were:

Why measure? Measuring the effectiveness of actions taken to prevent modern slavery in supply chains is important for showing results. This is a way of proving the success of your actions to workers, partners, and customers. It shows them where money is being spent and allows them to trust more. It also helps a business know what is not working and begin planning different actions.

Knowing what to measure: knowing what to measure is an important place to begin so that your business reports are showing the most important data. The best place to begin measuring is at the start. This gives a business the greatest opportunity to see results and they will be able to measure actions the whole way through. 

How to measure: A business is able to measure the effectiveness of its actions through digital systems, where they can display input and output. They can also attend and complete particular training and activities. Measuring these actions is important as they should be based on the assumption that modern slavery is never completely gone and that more can be done to prevent it. Measuring actions will continue to motivate businesses to fight the battle against modern slavery.  

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