Now Available! Our New E-Learning Modules!

Today we launched our new Unchained E-Learning Modules for our final Unchaining Modern Slavery Webinar for 2022! Thank you to everyone who joined us, it’s been a big year of working hard to get these modules ready for everyone to access. During today’s webinar, Stephen talked us through the excitement of Unchained’s modules and everything they have to offer. We have already seen corporations and partnerships come together to use our modules as an education tool for modern slavery in the workforce and supply chains.


This month, Michael Newton Brown joined us for the Unchaining Modern Slavery Webinar to share about the development of the Freedom Project. The Freedom Project focuses on the prevention, rescue, and restoration of communities impacted by modern slavery. It is founded on Christian beliefs and values and God’s heart for justice, flowing out of the personal faith of our founders. This identity shapes what they do, and how & why they do it. They partner with like-minded faith-based partners in the field. However, all the activities we are involved in are for the purposes of justice to all on the basis of need and vulnerability to trafficking and slavery regardless of race, religion, gender, or ethnicity.

Caring for your Employees

This month, Unchained had the privilege of hosting Chris O’Reilly on the Unchaining Modern Slavery Webinar. Chris is the CEO of Ask Your Team in New Zealand. As part of this, he is a professional director and strategic planning consultant to a range of New Zealand businesses. His goal is to help organisations build a culture to involve their people and improve their productivity. Chris has a family history of social justice work and a passion for human rights, pushing over into the work of his business. He has firsthand experience being able to see what people can achieve when they feel a sense of belonging. From Chris’ webinar, the key takeaways were: 

The Simplicity of Traceability and Transparency in Supply Chains

This month, we put a spin on our normal Unchaining Modern Slavery Webinar and had the privilege of conducting a workshop with Stephen Early. Stephen is the CEO of Trace SCI, where “Trace simplifies the businesses, fulfill regulatory compliance and Social & Ethical accountability to its stakeholders”. He encourages everyone from a business background to really understand and engage with their supply chain. The work of Trace and Unchained support each other, and both Stephen Morse and Stephen Early have been working alongside each other for years now. 

How the Use of Hemp and Cannabis Intersects with Modern Slavery

This month on the Unchained Webinar, Stephen hosted an interview with Kelly Beker, from the Cannabis Education Guild. Kelly is the CEO and Executive Director, helping to create a healthy education around the topic of Cannabis and Hemp. Stephen and Kelly first connected when brought together by the 8.7 Commonwealth Network. Kelly is a Global Social Impact Leader and a speaker at conferences, universities, and community groups about Cannabis. She shared about how the medical and industrial use of cannabis intersects with the risks of modern slavery. 

Measuring the Effectiveness of your Actions

This month, Stephen had the privilege of hosting a conversation with Katie Bjorem, Unchained’s very own Social Impact Consultant and Strategy Advisor. Katie provided insight into how Australian organisations should think about measuring the effectiveness of the actions taken to address the issue of modern slavery in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth). Katie has experience in the field of garment creation, working for Outland Denim before coming to Unchained. 

Breaking the Chain of Human Trafficking

On 17 March 2022, Unchained had the privilege of hosting Rachel Rose Nelson for our monthly webinar. She is the Executive Director for Freedom Business Alliance and works to release people from human trafficking through job creation. She has advice for anybody looking to start a business or already running one. Freedom businesses can be anything from hospitality, serving a town or a western market, or a business that is more service-orientated, competing with an offshore sector. 

Measuring Modern Slavery Risks

The Unchaining Modern Slavery Webinar on February 17 featured Heather Moore, from the Salvation Army Australia. She shared about her work for the intervention of modern slavery and spoke from her experience in social work as well as policy and advocacy work. 

Determined Transparency

On Thursday, 18 November 2021, I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Iselin, founder of Slave Free Trade, based in Switzerland and Sweden. 

Brian revealed the great opportunities that abound for those who are serious about resourcing the ‘demand’ side of modern slavery and human trafficking intervention. That is: organisational purchases and individual consumers.

Being a Responsible Brand

On October 21 2021, I took great delight in interviewing Leisl Ohai from Outland Demin. Outland is a leading apparel brand that over the past decade has worked tirelessly to provide clothing that is made with respect for the environment, for worker rights, and for the local economies within which it operates. 

There isn’t any magic to being responsible and no wishful thinking. Whether you are an existing brand or a budding entrepreneur looking to become like Outland, being responsible requires a deep investment and a commitment to the long-term.