For all and everywhere: Economic vulnerability is a root cause of exploitation in the supply of goods and services worldwide.

Caring for your Employees

Building a culture to involve people and achieving a sense of belonging can improve your productivity.

Measuring the Effectiveness of your Actions

Katie Bjorem provided insight into how Australian organisations should think about measuring the effectiveness of the actions taken to address the issue of modern slavery in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth).

Breaking the Chain of Human Trafficking

Addressing the issue of Human Trafficking takes resilience and determination, it’s never easy. However, when businesses unite under the same goal of removing human trafficking from business and opening up job opportunities for survivors, it is more likely that the goals will be reached.

Measuring Modern Slavery Risks

The Unchaining Modern Slavery Webinar on February 17 featured Heather Moore, from the Salvation Army Australia. She shared about her work for the intervention of modern slavery and spoke from her experience in social work as well as policy and advocacy work. 

Determined Transparency

The ‘demand’ side of modern slavery and human trafficking intervention: Organisational purchases and individual consumers.

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